Tuesday, August 06, 2002

Alright I know I built the whole damn site with FrontPage. Yes, I know I should be using Dreamweaver or even notepad if I am I going to continue my silly ways and use Microsoft products - but FrontPage 2002. My excuse - I got friends that work for the evil empire and they have jobs where as I don't. You decide which product you would learn if you could get it for cheap.

Another beautiful day in Colorado - 49 days and counting without a job - is 50 going to be lucky for me?

Is it bad when the entire days' worth of conversations are with your 20 month old son and you are still wondering exactly what he was saying?

If the state is experiencing a drought - does it make sense to hike up to a lake somewhere in the neighborhood of 11340 feet above sea level to fly fish?

If the telecom industry is so messed up - you think I could get a job as a CEO of one of these companies for a few months to try my hand at running things?

There's no crying in FrontPage! (Loosely quoted/borrowed from Tom Hanks)

On a side note: What is all this extra crap that FrontPage adds to the web page? I have been trying to make my page match up correctly for the last half hour and I finally figure out what little piece of code I was missing in the nine hundred additional lines that FP decided were necessary for me to display the page correctly. Argh!!!!

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