Friday, April 29, 2005

Standing in the middle of Apple's Tiger Extravaganza

So i managed to get in the door within only about 15 minutes of it's release here in Colorado. Unfortunately I will not be going home with Tiger. I filled my paperwork out and mailed faxed it in this morning. I figure sometime next week I will see my copy of Tiger show up in the mailbox. Overall I think this release will be the one everyone talks about as the main reason they finally made the "switch". It is one of the final factors in why I decided to make the move. The IBM laptop will be made into a dual boot redhat/xp machine this weekend, and I will be a fulltime Mac user. Ahh the fun of belonging to a new cult.

Monday, April 25, 2005

Musings from Mars: Of Course Macs Are More Expensive... Aren't They?

This is a great article. When people start to take this into account and really understand what they are getting, things might change....

Redfaced professor made up scary story

The story just keeps getting better. As reports of the professors' threats circulated, we all waited with bated breath to only discover the thief could care less and there was very little reality to the whole story. Ah come on - nothing was real, darn it - here you had as all waiting for the Fed's to come swooping in, raiding a dorm on campus, turning up some ring of laptop thieves who stole professors notes to sell on the black market to people that actually cared what their professors were saying in the first place or in reality just wanted the easy A that was guaranteed by having a copy of the test and answers.

Penguins Not Harassed by DIA Security

Two flightless birds manage to get through security and catch their flight yet I have to stay and be interviewed every time. Next time I am wearing my tuxedo to the airport, maybe then I can cruise right through then.

Then again the birds have friends in high places, well on the tail of Frontier planes I saw some penguins. Wonder if they are related?

Scobleizer: Microsoft Geek Blogger

I have followed Scoble's blog for awhile. I like the fact that he puts a face on Microsoft. I spent an interesting two years working as a contractor for Microsoft as part of the Windows 2000 RRAS team. I loved it. M$ was a great place to work, the people were super friendly and the evil empire wasn't so bad. I worked on a hall that had several HP guys running HPUX, a SUN dude or two running Solaris, and an easy dozen Redhat fans, including myself with machines in their offices running various flavors of Linux. Since those days I have tried to not bash to hard on Microsoft. I saw the problems, knew what they were up against and then I saw the people and how hard they worked. I had a brief sting down at SUN land in Cali and saw the same thing. The same excitement about their products and where they were going. It's nice to see both Scoble and Alan see something that us low men on the totem pole had already figured out.

How to Build a Computerized Android Robot Head for $600.00.

Now this is cool. A little work, voice recognition, and I could probably get away with this sitting at my desk all day long answering questions for me while I was out fly fishing. As always BoingBoing delivers. Any Kerry Supporters On The Line? -- May. 02, 2005

Wow - so I am to gather from this as long as you don't admit you are a democrat you can play in the US Telecom arena. Bushie Bushie Bushie - you need to tone down your boys - these things can get ugly and then they start to effect your bank account, and we all know without your bank account you wouldn't be near as popular.