Wednesday, October 03, 2007

McDonalds saved my life

Okay so it really didn't but for whatever reason this morning when I woke up (actually it was almost 11 when my lazy body decided to finally open my eyes) I was homesick - I mean really homesick - I needed something - so I got dressed climbed into my car and started driving - low and behold was a McDonalds.

I know that there is a McDonalds here in town - I have driven by it countless times and refused to stop and get anything - we have them on every corner that Starbucks hasn't bought in the US. Anyway back to my story...

I parked walked inside and got into line. Lines are a foreign thing it appears everywhere I go in Europe - in Paris there are no lines on the streets. A gentleman told me that because of the lack of lines people were more careful when driving - yeah okay whatever you say - crazy frenchies!

Another great example that leaves me boggled is while waiting to board the plane, there is always a mass crowd that surges forward and is forced into a bunch that eventually settles into a single file sort of line - but only after the crowd has been forced into this.

What's the deal - why are lines an issue? Is it the forced compliance to stand behind each other? I know they aren't complicated to form - I have seen local children all following along behind each other with little to no jostling to get to the front - when does this stop making sense, I must have missed that lecture in school. (my father is grinning right now - yeah just one more lecture you missed Bubba)

After a 15 minute wait and jostle I managed to approach the counter and attempt to order in my broken german. I don't claim to be very good, actually I suck when it comes to speaking german - I can say Hello, Thank You, and Goodbye, and Please. I am frustrated with myself that I have not forced myself to learn more. I have not been overly impressed with the Rosetta software - it seems well a bit slow to actually teaching me things of value - although I know how to say dog, cat, horse, man, woman, boy, girl, and airplane.

So I order a Big Mac, 0,4l KaltgetrÃĪnk und Mittlere Pommes - well that's what i tried to order - the young lady serving me laughed and started to speak to me in english - I give up - if I try my german and I get laughed at, I am not being successful - but no I continue to plug ahead and attempt to order Griechischer Salat (greek salad) and she laughs at me again. This is not going my way.

Anyway I manage to get my food and eat it. Big Macs taste the same all over the world - I know this because I was having a panic attack one time while working in Hong Kong. I had gotten tired of being yelled at by a million people for being the big dumb american boy and needed something to bring me back to reality - McDonalds and the Big Mac saved my life there too.

So I am back in Germany, happy to be here but miss the family. At least I have McDonalds.

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J said...

I'm one of the few expats that rarely gets homesick, but when I do familiarity does help. Usually I make some Mexican food.