Monday, October 22, 2007

whatcha doin?

I see the light - well okay really it's just the end of October and I am going to be bounding off to Seattle for a week on Friday. I am happy to be heading home - it has been a long month and I am looking forward to seeing everyone. I did my prerequisite gift shopping for everyone - chocolates, Legos, Cinderella Barbie, and Thomas Sabo.

I managed to catch the England vs. South Africa game. I was disappointed that England lost - just can't be a Bok fan. The try after careful consideration was really not a try - I agree with the video judge - hate video judges now for that reason - when did we decide that we needed them?

The referee on the field called the try but the Line Judge said nope - so off to the box the Referee goes - as we the hunched crowd in Finnegans screamed TRY TRY TRY - Prince and other Prince Brother both shared our views - and - BAH the Line Judge was correct! As the french would mumble, "C'est la vie!"

I received a compliment the other day when I responded correctly in german. The gentleman said that my accent was correct and I had responded perfectly. The first and last time I pull that off. I have been trying to practice ordering my breakfast and coffee in German - I am trying to pull it off.

All right it has been a really long day so I am going to take off

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