Wednesday, May 26, 2004

New RSS Reader

So here we go again - trying a new reader on my Windows PC - Sauce Reader - I have been swapping as much well I live in Utah you make up the joke to go along with that.

I already like this reader it allows me from inside of various feeds to go ahead and blog about it, as well as just to create my own on the fly. makes it nice when I am sitting in a meeting come up with a thought after reading someone's feed and want to pass it along.

I am intrigued with RSS and what can be done with it. I have been working on an interface for the provisioning system, as an addition to the interface I have added a RSS feed that allows the NOC Manager the ability to see all the ports being configured. So we have a rolling status window of all the installs taking place in the field. Neat way to tweak the technology for a constant update. As an addition I also have the interface track all the configured ports per NOC technician and deliver a newsletter at the end of the day showing the productivity and errors broken out. Should be an interesting tracking model for the NOC.

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Synop said...

Glad to hear you are trying Sauce Reader. Please drop by our support forum sometime and let us know what you like, dislike, etc.

cheers, Nathan