Monday, June 28, 2004

Little Girls

Haven't been around for a few weeks - My life got turned upside down about two weeks early. My spank'n new little girl showed up on June 20th. The doctor, my wife, son and myself were all under the impression that she would arrive in our hands July 4th. She obviously didn't get the memo...

So I got McKaia Ann at 14:08 MST on June 20th. She came into the world at 7.46 lbs, and 18.5 inches long - I think that was a bit of a stretch - she is so tiny. I can hold all of her in one hand - amazing!

I will try to get back up to date - have a very busy week in front of me - Service Provider is in town, need to finish the mockups for provisioning web pages, and look at the video channel manager.

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