Monday, January 31, 2005

Leaving Utah

Well it has finally come to the end. January 28th was my last day with DynamicCity. I decided to leave the UTOPIA project for multiple reasons - all eventually leading to the betterment of myself as a person. My boss put it the best - refering to me as a Technological Gypsy. I like that, may spin that off into another blog line.

I leave my responsibilities in very capable hands. Right now I am sure he is questioning the logic of accepting my position but I believe he will find a strong supporting staff and make his name known. If you or anyone you know is looking for a job as a senior network engineer or sysadmin please contact DynamicCity or Dave.

I managed to get in one more CTO breakfast before skipping town. Phil as always is a wonderful host. If you find yourself in the area during one of the scheduled breakfasts please take the time to attend. I will be trying to schedule my own trips back occasionally for them.

It was nice to talk to people at the breakfast and discover that they understood my decisions to move on from the project. They understood that occasionally you stop growing in your position and you either need to get out or continue to be miserable. This led to some interesting discussions.

A vast majority of people are stuck in jobs, or towns or situations where they don't ever leave. They continue to live with the pain whether real or pyschological and do nothing about it. The worst case is our own perceptions of jobs - we call something we hate to do a job and then moan and whine about having to do it. When you start having problems getting up in the morning to go to the office then you need to stop and evaluate what the real problem is. Are you no longer happy where you are? If that's the case can you fix it from the inside or should you be moving on. I tried to fix my situation, didn't like the band-aids applied and decided it was time to move along. People don't do that - they live with the situation and allow it to eat them from the inside. Silly people!!!!

My new contact info is available for those that want it. Try my google mail wardspan at and I can forward it along to you.

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