Thursday, March 03, 2005

Squaw - what I would change?

Just got back from an extended weekend at Squaw valley. The resort's village is currently being operated by Intrawest, the same guys who did Whistler.

It was a great trip - a yearly 'boys' trip that has several interesting characters, including: Rick aka 'the Founder', Chuck aka 'Chuckles/Chuckalafucas', Andrew aka 'the Scotsman', Chris aka 'Mr. Goodlookin' and myself Ward aka 'Big Daddy'.

We had a wonderful time, there was good snow - nothing fresh - that didn't show till the last night and we got 7 inches of fresh powder - wanted to extend the trip by one more day for some pow pow but instead I got on the plane and flew back to Denver.

Squaw's new village - looks very similar to Whistler (why change a good thing?) - could use some help. As I said I was there for 5 days - while the mouse is away from the kitty he can play with other mice. We stayed exactly 22 feet from the Squaw one lift, and about 100 feet from the closest bar - yet - the nightlife was horrid.

I have lived in ski towns before - I remember the 1 woman to 12 guy ratio, and this was expected but I grew up in a more lively town smack in the middle of the bible belt - one bar closed at 9 pm on Sunday night. The drive thru liquor store the next county over in North Carolina would have still been open. Needless to say - the experience was repeated night after night for the entire weekend.

So I say to the intrawest guys - figure out beyond copying the buildings, how to create the same nightlife experience you have at Whistler or start preparing yourself for continued disappointment at Squaw.

On a side note - the little breakfast place at the end of the village - two wonderful waitresses (Bunny and ????) and one great owner (Lisa) made the week a little better.

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Ponce DeLeon said...

Know what I would change about Squaw? First, I'd change the name. Second, I'd change the location. I'm not a big fan of you have to drive through Truckee, which is another name I'd change.