Tuesday, March 08, 2005



So I am sitting in Fado's - Chicago. It's an Irish pub that has free wireless, so I can sit and work all while drinking a pint of Guinness. Very few things can get better than that in my opinion. If you happen to be in the neighborhood of a Fado, I would recommend the the Guiness Stew - good home cooking, and to wrap things up, you guessed it Guinness Ice Cream.

If you get a chance look try to end up in Brie's section - she doesn't own a computer but she really digs bloggers. Yes, I used dig and no, I didn't ask for her number my wife doesn't share well with other children

Now on to other things...

I registered for my CISA exam recently. This should be interesting. If I pass, and I plan to, I will have what the industry is considering the top two certifications going: CISSP and CISA. The next thing I have to figure out is what I want to be when I grow up. If you have any ideas let me know. Registering for the exam cost me a quick 500 dollars and then another 250 for study materials - somewhere I hear warning bells going off. The test is offered once a year, so I had better pass or suffer the abuse for the next twelve months.

And in other news...

Finally we have a virus for mobile phones. Uses bluetooth and MMS messages to replicate itself. I wondered how long this would take, ever since I started using the Audiovox 5600 (the same phone Scoble and crew love so much - side note i had mine before Scoble got his - nanner nanner). It is based on Windows SmartPhone so I know it will be the next platform for attack.

Firewalls' False Sense of Security
I have argued for both sides of this issue. A majority of the time I find that the deployment team behind the firewall believe that they have mitigated all future damage because of their firewall deployment. Conversations then lead to IDS, IPS - I have no idea where it will end - I do know that every time a new stop is added someone will look for a new way to get over the bump.

Now back to my regulary consumed beer.

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Ponce DeLeon said...

Mmm, Guinness. Back when we used to go drinking, did we ever drink Guinness? I can't recall.