Friday, April 22, 2005

Ameritrade warns clients about potential data breach

Here we go again. A friend of mine compiled an interesting list of numbers yesterday. I will quote him directly on this:

... I've spent some time doing research on ID Theft thats happened since December '04 and came up with the following...

DSW: 1.5 million
LexisNexis: 320,000
ChoicePoint: 145,000
Bank of America: 1.2 Million
San Jose Medical Group: 185,000
California State University: 59,000
Boston College: 120,000
George Mason University: 30,000
Delta Blood Bank: 100,000
UC Berkeley: 98,000
UC San Diego: 3,500

TOTAL: 3,760,500

thanks Glen!

So then we throw in Ameritrade and a professor at UCB and we are approaching 4 million and 1 ID thefts in the first quarter of the year. Guess we can only get better from here. Right?

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Anonymous said...

As you scan through the begins to see a couple of patterns:

#1 Pattern - Global 2000 entities...wonder if the Feds might step in (by an inquiry of Congress) to re-audit the Sarbox controls?

#2 Pattern - Universities and .edu', since they're not under Sox or much of anything else...I wonder what Congress might put in motion here (if anything)?