Monday, August 20, 2007

5 second post

So while I was chilling on the couch Sunday afternoon - (Note: This is a rare occurrence for me however Germany is attempting to teach me new behaviors by closing everything and rolling up the sidewalks on Sundays. Well except for the sidewalks heading towards a Gastehaus) - anyway back to the point of the story I invested some time on google and discovered that I was not alone and that there are lots of crazy americans who have packed it up and moved over here - Expats is a better word but I remain one of those crazy americans to my workmates.

So I have invited myself along to an Expat meetup in Dresden in October/November.

Thanks to my new found blogger friends.

Germany Doesn't Suck

Oh and I also found an online grocery store that will get me those things I crave from the states.


sfoak said...

Germany is really fun and enjoyable, once you learn the language.

I remember in 1997 when the stores closed at 5pm due to union rules and the only shopping was available on Saturdays. Still, I managed to make weekend trips all over Europe and have viel Spass!

Isabelle said...

Welcome to Deutschland! You're not the only new kid on the block, but I've been tracking these crazy ex-pats for about a year.. now that I've finally made the move, I can't wait to meet them! See you in Dresden!

J said...

Welcome to expat life.