Friday, August 17, 2007

Still alive and eating too

So another week and I managed to get to the grocery store twice and not make a fool of myself. You need to weigh the vegetables before coming to the checkout. If you don't hopefully there is a nice german woman standing behind you that shows you how to get things done without slowing the line horribly.

I have managed to learn to say hello (when the german girls say al-lo makes your heart go pitter patter.) I am practicing my little vocabulary and trying to learn new words as quickly a possible. I need a friend - wonder how you advertise that. Would you be my friend and teach me german while you are at it - I just need a walking translator that I don't annoy, that shouldn't be that hard to find. (my friends are laughing so hard right now they can't see straight.)

I can order a beer ein gross Pils (the really big beer). You should also know that there are breweries within a stone's throw of everywhere you are located. Some crazy number like 3000 breweries. My father warned me of this - along the lines of, "Ward you really don't have to sample all 3000 the first week you are there."

I have learned that you can order meals without something fried included.My father also warned me of this. He forgot to mention that they make this potato dumpling with bread crumbs inside and covered in gravy that could only be eaten with a slab beef that made my heart skip a beat or two and me smile for two days about how yummy it was. If it only came wrapped in bacon too...

My car makes me giggle every time I get in. Someone thought it would be funny to rent me a Peugeot 107 My Director was in town at the beginning of the week and he and I couldn't sit shoulder to shoulder in the car. It was a funny sight. Someone made the comment that at least the trunk could hold two cases of beer. Is everything is measured in beer?

What else? Money - Us crazy Americans and our credit cards. Mine is worthless over here. I have found one place that takes my card, well besides the outlet store. So I carry cash for everything, not a problem but then they really throw me a curveball - 1 and 2 euro coins. Craziness I tell you, I have 50lbs of coins in my pocket that I never seem to get rid of. I actually counted it this morning and I was carrying 25 euros in my pocket.

So to all those that are considering a trip to Germany, drop me a line, at the very least I can take you out for beer and wurst.


justmysize said...

Hi Ward -

Came across your blog and just wanted to confirm that everything is in fact measured in beer - especially cost of living in foreign countries. If you're ever in M√ľnchen and want to meet a fellow American expat, let me know.

christina said...

Hey Ward! I just found your blog via Germany Doesn't Suck. I've put you on my blog roll so you can make some friends. :-)

Anonymous said...

Right on, Ward!