Sunday, March 23, 2008

i know i know

It has been awhile since I have attempted to put anything of value up on my blog. I had a quick story back in February on dealing with my son but really nothing since December.

I am still making the long haul from Seattle to Germany on a regular basis - literally every two weeks. Lufthansa is adding a new direct from Seattle to Frankfurt at the end of this month so I plan to start taking that. It cuts almost 4 hours out of my flying time - definitely worth it.

I have been working hard and the office rewarded me for it. I was recently promoted to Director level within my consulting firm. It brings some new challenges and some changes. The title is only a couple weeks old and I have been back in Germany since being upgraded - so I haven't really had to act "Directorish". This will of course change over the next couple of weeks.

Next I am in Amsterdam all week for Blackhat Europe. The first couple of days I will be in class learning Reverse Engineering: Application in Malicious Code Analysis. I am really looking forward to the class. It should be interesting and allow me to be more successful in my on reverse engineering assignments. I wrap that up and zip back to the States on the 29th.

I will be in Seattle for a week (time to practice being a manager) then I am off to San Francisco for RSA. There I will get to practice my new Director skills as I begin the process of moving IOActive forward in their information security offerings (glamorous words for me being a sales guy for a week). I will also be there as a technical resource to help the real sales people discuss what we can do as a resource for an organization. I am really excited about this. I have begun to make some new contacts and I am really looking forward to increasing the range of discussions and add my own input to the security community.

After that long week I will be back in Seattle reviewing what I learned at RSA and preparing for a trip back to Germany. If you don't follow me on Dopplr let me know and I will add you. My travel schedule is crazy....

I am considering starting a new blog that I can use more as a sounding ground for my security interests and what I am learning as an InfoSec manager. This will allow those that don't really care about where there credit card numbers go to rest to read about me versus my security minded opinions. I will let you know when it goes live.

Update: I went ahead and started the new blog. You can find it here at Were I taking this seriously...

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