Wednesday, February 20, 2008

sometimes Dad isn't right

So this post started off as a comment for one of my favorite ExPat blogs here in Germany.

A few years back when my son was learning his colors, his brilliant father saw an amazing opportunity to screw with his mind. I decided that I would mistakingly teach him that blue was purple - there was ample opportunity to reaffirm this behavior as he was a fan of Thomas the Train - a very blue train.

So I would privately giggle to myself when he would call out purple while mom quizzed him on his colors. Mom would patiently explain that it was blue, he would look puzzled briefly and they would move on. I thought how funny - heh heh dad messing with the little one's head. Father's take perverse pleasure's in warping the minds of youth today. I am sure my father madly giggles (ok so he guffaws) whenever I tell him of something that my own son has done to me recently.

Well one Friday night we were shopping in Barnes and Noble (the married couple with kids date night) and I was sitting reading a magazine while my son played with Thomas (the very blue train).

A young girl of 5 or 6 approached with her brother and began to play with the giant Thomas the (very blue) train set. She began to tell her brother the colors of things. Finally reaching Thomas she said "blue". My son stopped and looked at her "No that's purple!" I at this moment looked up from my magazine to see the glare coming from a young woman deciding that this little boy was in need of a solid 'put in his place'. "No!" she said, "this is blue! dummy." My son's upper lip trembling replied, "No it's purple - daddy tell her that it's purple." Ah geez why are we dragging the old man into this?

I looked upon the children over the top of my magazine. My eyes were instantly met by a little girl with her arms crossed, and a glare any woman would be proud of. My son stood there, a look of deep concern upon his face (this is a positive thing - he is learning who wears the pants early.)

"Well son this little girl is correct. The train is blue not purple." The little girl looked at me as if to say, "are you an idiot teaching your kid this crap."

I looked at my little man. A look of defeat flashing across his face and then he turned to me and said, "daddy your an idiot." Okay so he said I was a dummy. Ahh the mouth of babes.

I heard a slight giggle from the bookshelf down and his mother covered her mouth as she stepped away. An evil smile on her face. "Yes, son your dad is an idiot."


EuroTrippen said...

Heh, it's good to know I'm not the only one trumped by a child. We should start a club...

Anonymous said...

I loved the story.My son is going to be 8 yrs old on the 14th of march.It never seems to shock me how kids at the younger ages speak with no fear.There has been many times out in public where my jaw has been on the floor,but you never want to get mad at them.Most of the time they are funny comments that you try to laugh at without drawing attention back to yourself in the process.